Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sewing Goodies!!

When it comes to Christmas present buying in our house, usually my husband and I buy our own presents from each other.  In other words, he buys tools for his shed and I buy craft items for my stash!  This year, or should I say 2011, I decided to fore go a present under the tree for a bargain shop at the post Christmas sales between Christmas and New Year.  It was a good idea leading up to Christmas, but on the day was a little disappointed not to open a present (I did receive one from the girls).

But come Boxing day, I was among the crowd of people waiting for the Spotlight sale.  Most of the other people were there for the $99 half price sewing machine, and the sale on manchester, I slowly crept in and hunted through the 75% off Christmas stock as the others in the crowd floated by.  I think it is funny how people are prepared to pay full price for these things only 36 hours before, but come a 75% sale, no one is interested.  I haven't bought Christmas things before Christmas for many years, and I did get a few things to add to my boxes of festive things.

I was able to pick up 2 advent calendars, one for each of my girls for next year.  They are a piece of satin rope with 24 felt Santas tied on, with each Santa having a slit in the back for a treat.  These were $15 each, reduced to $3.75each.

I also got all of this---

The patterns were half price; but unfortunately picked up the wrong size in the McCall's in all my excitement.   So my 4 year old will have to wait for a few more years for anything from that one, unless I  get creative and resize it (not likely!)

All fabric in store was 30% off, including the clearance shelves. All of the fabric on the left and middle was on the clearance section at $6/metre, and with the 30% off, down to $4.20/metre.  The fat quarter roll of 8 fat quarters and the two jelly rolls were  already marked down to $8, but picked up for $5.60 a piece; the Christmas fabric underneath the buttons is a metre piece and picked up for a steal of $1 after the sales girl marked it down twice(?) - not complaining! The pale blue fabric was $2 for half a metre on the remnant table; And the fabric covered buttons were $5 per card, but a staff member had placed a huge display of them on the Christmas clearance table (?by mistake) so picked up with $1.25 per card.

So although I didn't get a present on Christmas Day, I picked up some things more meaningful to me than a box of chocolates or a piece of clothing I most probably would have received.  

Now to turn this fabric and my stockpile into something special....!!!!

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