Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking for a New Toy Room Design

I'm moving house soon, and in need of some new organisation ideas. 
 This move will make 3 moves in 4 years,  this time I want to unpack and organise in minimal time and effort. 
 I also want some great organisation ideas...
particularly in the 'toy' area, craft area, the girls rooms, and the kitchen.  
Starting with toy room/area - I already have an Ikea low line cupboard with slide in toy tubes, two quite large 4 shelf storage units (these came out of a built in cupboard), a chalk board that converts to a desk, and  6 coordinating storage tubes.  
With this in mind, I found a few that may work, once we have everything in the house.
This one looks like it has similar furniture to what we already have.
Love this bookshelf, especially with the enclosed shelf on the bottom.  I might have to work on converting my shelves to something like this!!!
Found this little beauty - even had the plans, instructions and material list!!  I would love it with a back in it.  Really don't have the time to construct it though!
I've left the best to last!!  This would have to be the most ultimate toy room for any child!!!  A huge room with ALOT of toys--way too many for me to pick up and keep organised.  But I love how it is sectioned into different play areas - kind of reminds me of a kindergarten!  Love it from this view, and I am now thinking of how to make it work in the new house!!  Thanks!!!

Now...just have to wait to move....

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