Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabric Storage Boxes

As you know, I have been hunting around for storage options for when I move house.  I have found loads of great ideas...and sharing these few with you.  All of these baskets are made from fabric and all have great tutorials on how to make them.  Now I just need time to sit and create...!
Great one for toys...I think a set of these inside a wardrobe would be great for kids socks etc.
A bigger version of this one would make a great toy sack for my toy shelves...Nice and portable

Cute little boxes for those bits and pieces in the craft room

Lovely fabric...would be great to hide my kids DVD's in the glass front cabinet

What a useful size!...And with label pocket - -handy!

Cute little baskets!  Not sure what I would put in such a small box...I'm sure I would find something!!

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