Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here we are again! NYE

Well...Here we are again!  I am about to start and maintain a blog for the third consecutive year running!
Yes, I am aware that all my other posts have been deleted - I like to think it is to make room for the enormous amount of blogging I am likely to be doing - but actually it was due to not completely understanding the blog settings.  Even though it asked if I wish to delete them, I pressed yes 1 second faster than my scrambled brain took to register. All's well...

And here I sit on the last night of 2011; 10 years ago I would have been out partying waiting for the turn of midnight to celebrate the New Year in.  Oh how things change in 10 years... married, two kids, old age settling in nicely in my ankles, shoulders and back.  I even had a nanna nap this afternoon - not in preparation for a late night (like I would have done 10 years ago) but purely to prepare for the early morning of two bright eyed children!

So as I have said, this is my New Years resolution.  I am going to keep this blog rolling for as long as I can.  In previous years I have let it slide purely as I thought I had nothing interesting to say.  I suppose I still have nothing overly important to say, but I have grown, and after having my second child 6 months ago, my brain is bursting with ideas of sewing, crafts, organising my home, rearranging my life,and  ideas of bringing up my children.  I have never had so many (good) ideas in my only problem is I can't get them out or should I say I can't get time to turn them into a physical result.

In an attempt to maintain this blog, I am forcing myself to produce my ideas into physical objects in order to put something meaningful onto this blog!

So for now, Happy New Year! in advance.

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