Thursday, January 12, 2012

Easiest Skirt Ever!! And No Pattern Required!

Well it has been a hot old day...well a couple of days!  Middle of Summer and 36 degree heat with plenty of humidity.  I was hopeful for some rain today, waking early to the sound of thunder.  That cleared by breakfast, and a hot humid day continued.  Fingers crossed the rain that has been forecasted for tomorrow is forthcoming, and I hope heaps of it.

Enough weather girl talk, I want to tell you about these:-

Three Cute Skirts!

I have been a little busy whipping up what I call...
The Easiest Skirt Ever
and you don't even need a pattern!!
I absolutely making these.  I have made two for my daughter in the past and she wears them to death, and most of her little friends receive these as gifts as they are so easy, quick, and the most important to me is they are 'one of a kind'.  I think I would have a better chance of winning the lotto than seeing another skirt just like these ones!!! Unless someone else has the same fabric and wants to do a duplicate that is!!!  

Now for the most important do you do it???!!?!?

This really is an easy skirt!

Step 1.  Take your selections of fabric.  For this one (size 3) I took 25cm of blue birdy print.  It is 112 wide, so basically I bought the minimum cut at my fabric store.  I also 14 cm x 112cm of brown paisley print.

Step 2.  I now folded and pressed the brown paisley in half lengthwise, right side out.  It is now 7cm wide.

Step 3.  I overlocked this brown piece to my blue piece, right sides together; open out and press.  At this stage I also stitched a topstitch onto the blue piece to hold up my overlocking seam and to be decorative.  This topstitch is optional.

Step 4.  Now fold in half, right side together, and stitch your selvage; or if using an overlocker, about 2cm in (so it cuts off those funny selvage pinholes!!)  Also make sure your seam between blue and brown lines up before stitching.

Step 5. Making the elastic casing.  I turned down 2cm and made a casing.  Your casing measurement is slightly more than your elastic width.  Stitch around leaving 3cm opening.  Thread with elastic, stitch together elastic and stitch closed your opening.

Step 6.  You are done!!!  You can add additional topstitching if you wish

Step 7.  This is just the beginning of your skirt making future.  You can stitch a different fabric on the top to make your elastic casing, add additional fabrics on the bottom to make a stripey skirt, add some pom pom trim to the bottom, ric rac, stitch on ribbon to cover the joins between sections...endless combinations!!!

Shopping List
For those who want to make a Size 3 skirt as above:

  1. 25cm of blue selvage to selvage length, 
  2. 14cm of brown selvage to selvage length,
  3. 50cm elastic, 1.5cm width (measure your girl-you may need more/less)
  4. Cotton
Following the above directions, with a 1/4" seam allowance, gave me a skirt 28cm in length .

I hope I have inspired you to have a go!!  Whip up a creation, and I would love to see them.  Add a comment and a link to your blog post so I can go blog-hopping and have a little look!!!

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  1. So pretty! Hoping you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party!

  2. Love this. I am trying to figure out how to make it for a little bitty girl. :-) I have a brand new granddaughter and I am always looking for things to make her.

    1. Hi Brenda...I too have an itty bitty girl. I have made her a 6 month old skirt - from a 60cm x 20cm piece of fabric. I used approx 35cm of elastic. Hope to hear from you again!