Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My First Pillowcase Dress and Tuxedo T-Shirt

Well hello World,

I've been a little busy in the last few days - moving soon so been having real estate agents and the like around to value the house etc.  Also trying to entertain my VERY bored 4 year old.  She's off to Kindy in about 3 weeks (or when we move) and she can't wait - me either!!!  Although I will miss her greatly, it is only 5 days a fortnight, 6 hours a day.  She has been 'ready' to go for 12 months - she is quite bright and advanced, but due to the starting age here in Australia, you have to be turning four before the end of June to start in the January school year.  She is a September baby, so missed it last year by about 60 days.  So she will be one of the oldest in her class when she starts, and I am going to assume, one of the biggest as she has shot up in the last 3 or 4 months.

Anyway, back to the sewing!!!  I have always wanted to try a pillowcase dress.  So I grabbed a pattern a little while back, and I got down to business.  It is a McCall's pattern which includes a dress, bloomers and a hat pattern.  Probably really didn't need a pattern as it was a pretty basic shape, front and back the same, but I altered it abit to create my own (which I LOVE to do!!!)

Here is the result:
Pillowcase Dress Size 8-9.5kg (Size 00-0)
I added coordinating binding around the armholes.  I also made the strap wider

The pattern didn't have this contrast piece on the bottom...I just trimmed off about  8 cm and cut it from a different colour.  Remember to re-add a seam allowance when sewing to main colour piece!  I also made the contrasting piece doubled over so I wouldn't have a hemline
I really like how it turned out...very happy Mumma!!  I am still to try it on my bubba...It looks a little big when I was sewing it, but I resisted the urge to cut it down a bit, as I would rather her grow into it then not getting her in it enough!!!

My 4 year old has been invited to her little friends birthday next week, so I thought I would make her something as a gift.  I have been looking around for ideas to dress up girls T Shirt, purely because I can get a basic tshirt at KMart for $3, and I have heaps of scrap fabric, and also ribbons and buttons in my scrapbooking/card making stash.  I found this tuxedo/ruffle front shirt on etsy-

- so I decided to do a take on it for the present.  Here's mine...

I didn't have any matching wider ribbon to use, and I really didn't have the time to perfect the nice neat pleats.  I still really like it, and this is a version I will be repeating very soon as I have another three shirts to do!!!   And of course my 4 year old spotted it (no pun intended!!) and stated  "I really need one of these shirts Mummy"  Next time I will take photos to make a tutorial for you all!!! Stay tuned....

Until next time

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